NMJToolbox Released (for NMJ v1)
Added updating of information for TV shows from TheTVDB. This is done at SEASON level, all linked episodes will be updated.
Added facility to get images from TheTVDB
Fixed spelling mistake
Corrected the poor quality of images downloaded from TMDB
Added further DB checking to prevent trying to open NMJv2 databases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To bring it into line with NMJToolbox2 the SQLite DDL now uses the updated version. You will need to re-download the SQLite dll to use this version of NMJToolbox.

NMJToolbox2 Released

Minor update to fix some issues in very specific setups:
Fixed image path issues when your media.db folder is called ‘nmj_database_#’ where # is a number (paths were OK if your folder is the standard ‘nmj_database’.
Fixed tooltip path on images not updating when using drag & drop.
Replaced all ‘&’ and ‘ in image names to ‘_’ to stop incisistencies between windows and the NMJ/SQL.

NMJToolbox2 Released
Added display of ‘Play Count’ with a function (right click) to reset it to zero.
Added option on right click in treeview to mark as watched (increments play count by 1)
Added clear out temporary TVDB files before retrieving new information.
Added workaround for error generated when the same person appears twice in the same TV episode list from the TVDB (should never happen but does).
Added ‘Date first aired’ to TV Episodes.
Added facility to jump to IMDB website for TV series
Added facility to jump to TheTVDB website for TV series.
Added toolbar buttons to edit keywords and genres (for people who didn’t realise double clicking the box allowed you to edit!) 😉
Added splash screen & ‘About’ box to comply with various APPI licence agreements.
Worked around error in Syabas’ DB design for ‘Content ID’ – TVDBID, now displays correctly
Fixed display of correct IMDB ‘tt’ ID on Series & Seasons (previosly always displayed the first episode TTID).
Corrected status bar spelling error when updating TheTVDB.
Fixed path error where media and DB are on the internal PCH drive. Path to movies incorrectly had ” rather than ‘/’ in it.
Fixed TVDB updates not updating anything when there is no cast information returned.
Fixed exception when TheTVDB returns results but there is no release date (also will default to 9998-12-31.
Fixed error generated when using ‘TMDB Images’ button whilst a movie file is selected.
Fixed error where in some circumstances clicking between seasons in a TV series, NMJT thinks data has changed.

NMJToolbox2 Released

New Release

A lot of changes and bug fixes. Also a number of facilities added or enhanced…. – 29/01/2012
Added TheTVDB image browsing (note, TVDB thumbnails are quite large file sizes. Depending on your internet connection, this may be slow and if you have a monthly limit could use a lot of bandwidth!).
Added wait cursor when browsing images and it is downloading them.
Added trap for error messages being returned from TVDB when retrieving Cast information (prevents a GDI+ error)
Added auto resize/reduce quality of images to 90% when over 1MB in size (NMJ Limit).
Added setting ‘Do Not Process Article’ for people who do not want the article moving to the end in titles (eg “The Deep” changing to “Deep, The”) With this parameter set the example would index under ‘T’ with it NOT set the title will be indexed under ‘D’.
Added display of Season number with the facility to change it. If the season # already exists, the episodes will be moved to that (existing)season (after confirmation).
Added renaming a TV series automatically renames all Seasons.
Added facility to drag/drop whole seasons onto a different TV show.
Added utility to fix missing Series records when Seasons and Episodes exist (AJ500).
Made ‘Search Title’ field read only to stop people mistaking this for the title to be searched on TMDB/TVDB
Rewritten ‘Move Movie to new TV Show’ to handle films with multiple videos attached.
Added facility to auto detect season & eisode for the video file when moving from a movie to TV. If none found it will default to ‘Season 99’ (this can be edited further on the TV tab afterwards).
Removed ‘Move Movie to Existing TV’ as it is now redundant with the new facilities.
Fixed program not responding when ‘Open DB’ is clicked twice.
Fixed wait cursor when initially loading DB completed.
Fixed returning proper error ‘Cannot play’ when trying to play iso,VIDEO_TS and BDMV folders (you cannot play these types yet in NMJT2)
Fixed error being generated when getting no results returned from TheTVDB.
Fixed error being returned when results are retrieved from TMDB but there is no cover art.
Fixed error generated when dragging an image (or other file) over the treeview.
Fixed even more path issues
Fixed ‘Argument out of range’ exception when adding files and both DB & media are on the PCH internal drive.
Fixed ‘Null Exception’ when media and DB are on the same drive and selecting an entry where the image(s) are in the media folder and not the nmj_database folder.
Fixed error message when trying to delete the last keyword.

NMJToolbox2 Released – 22/1/12
Added Updating of information from TheTVDB on TV Shows (Image updates coming later)
Added Play button on right click menus for video files (plays in the registered default windows player for the file type)
Added auto save parameter on the settings menu (you will not be asked to save when moving from a changed record)
Added IMDB button to go to IMDB for that movie.
Added Display/Update/Edit Keywords for movies, series & episodes
Added Display/Update/Edit Genres for movies, series & episodes
Added auto vacuum when closing NMJToolbox.
Added *.iso to video file filter and secondry All Files(*.*) option
Added function in the ‘Orphans’ utility to create missing POSTERS records (reported by lackb)
Added function in the ‘Orphans’ utility to Delete orphaned Series SHOWS (reported by lackb)
Added function in the ‘Orphans’ utility to delete orphaned Season SHOWS (reported by lackb)
Auto resize movie panel to fill max space
Made MAJOR changes to path processing (found an error) so check paths when adding videos/images or displaying images when clicking around. Also check the files play in NMJ
Improved speed of SQL on adding Cast and placed in a transaction along with keywords and genres
Fixed adding duplicate cast entries (not a problem, just wasting space)
Fixed moving a video file from a multi part movie not creating a POSTERS record.
Fixed adding a movie creates a null SUBTITLES record.
Fixed automatically selecting the correct entry when adding a movie/TV show.

I have added more ‘fix’ routines to the Orphans button on the utilities tab. Please use this once you have upgraded to make sure any latest issues known are fixed.

The major addition is querying TheTVDB. You can access this from the right click menu or the toolbar. Depending on the tree node (series,season,episode) selected denotes what to update. eg, updating from a series node will update all details on the series, every season and every episode in those seasons. Querying TheTVDB from a single episode will just update that episode.

Note, when updating from TheTVDB all previous information is removed and a complete new set is created from TheTVDB data.

NMJToolbox2 Released

NMJToolbox2 – A Windows Editor for NMJv2 – -Update 15/01/2012
Update posted

Please note: there was an error in previous versions when using the ‘Delete’ option for movies & TV shows. In some cases it did not remove some of the anciliary records (some posters, synopsis, index records etc). This does not affect the normal running of the NMJ but does affect the database when adding new TV series. There is a new tab (Utilities) with a button on it. Please uses this button on your database as soon as you upgrade to the new version of NMJToolbox. It will fix these errors that previous versions may have caused.

This button/function can be used anytime and it will also tell you if no errors are found.

The main major function added is adding TV series/seasons/episodes. All accessible from either the toolbar button (new series) or right click on the Series or Season entry in the treeview (add episodes).

If your media files are appropriately named SXXEXX.ext then NMJToolbox2 will detect the season and episodes automatically. The ‘S’ and ‘E’ can be upper or lower case. NMJT2 will also handle multiple episodes in one media file eg:

House S01E01E02 Episode Name.mkv

This would create 2 episodes (1 & 2) in Season 1 of ‘House’. The first episode would have the name set to ‘Episode Name’ and subsequent episodes will be called ‘Episode 2’ etc.

You may select multiple media files at once (in the open file dialog) BUT they will all be assumed to be in the same season as the first file processed. The other ‘restriction’ is that you can only add files for ONE season at a time.

If NMJT2 cannot detect a season or episode number, you will be prompted to enter these before the file is added to the database.

If at all unsure, as always I advise you to keep a copy of your original media.db whilst using the new features.

If no major issues arise with this release then I will start looking at adding TheTVDB updates for TV shows. – 15/1/2012
Added facility to add TV episodes to the DB
Added facility to add new TV shows to DB
Added TMDB image resolution it would download when using TMDB browser.
Added the Year to the movie list when using TMDB and multiple movies are listed (helps select the correct one – requested)
Added filter in Open Files dialog to only show video files when adding new videos
Added an integrity check on the utilities tab to remove orphaned records.
Changed the multiple movie select dropdown to read only.
When adding a movie the refresh of the treeview now automatically selects & expands the new entry.
Stopped unnecessary DB backups being made
Spelling correction.
Fixed path error caused by having illegal characters in the movie title.
Fixed video paths incorrectly having ‘//’ in them in some setups
Fixed GDI error when dragging a root entry of the treeview (TV series or main movie entry)
Fixed error when deleting series or seasons, not all records are removed from VIDEO_POSTERS
Fixed error when clicking Save and no treeview node is selected.
Fixed Deleting a season not removing the correct index record.
Fixed error generated when updating TV episode number.

NMJToolbox2 Released
Fixed error using the TMDB Images window when no current artwork exists and you move off then back onto the ’empty’ image.
Increased the resolution of the artwork when using TMDB Images option.
Changed wallpaper/fanart to 1080P resolution
Fixed error when media & DB are on the same share and selecting an entry where the artwork is in the media folder.
Added fix to not allow a drag/drop in the tree onto it’s own parent (drop a movie onto itself or episode onto its own season)
Added facility to drag/drop TV episodes between series/seasons.
Added auto scroll & expand to treeview’s selected items when dragging/dropping.
Corrected errors in image paths in some circumstances when adding via TMDB button.
Corrected error which omitted some images from the TMDB selection.
Fixed resizing of the controls in the error list screen.
Fixed tooltip path when updating images via TMDB.
Fixed not being able to select the first (No 2) image from TMDB when the title has no images already.
Added Dutch (nl-NL) to theMovieDB language selection.

*Note: Improving the quality of the images downloaded & wallpapers to 1080P will slow down the update (a lot large file download). Depending on your internet connection will depend on how much you notice this.

NMJToolbox2 Released

A few little bug fixes due to some causing exceptions to be generated:
Fixed error where adding path settings not being used until you close and re-open NMJToolbox2
Fixed SQL error when using the ‘Move movie to existing movie’ facility and the title has SQL unsafe characters
Fixed Exception when using the ‘Move movie to existing movie’ facility and the title does not contain a ‘.’
Fixed SQL error when adding a new movie that had DB unsafe characters in the path/title.

NMJToolbox2 Released

New version released. There are quite a few bug fixes, a number of new facilities and some MAJOR changes to path processing to try and accommodate different people’s setups (ie media & DB on different drives, on same share or both on internal drive).

For this reason the following is IMPORTANT:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST set the paths/options in the settings window before adding images or new media files. A lot of changes have been made that rely on these settings.

If you have a path displayed in the PCH_PATH column, set the WINDOWS_PATH column to a value that would take you to the exact same folder that the PCH sees. If there is no PATH shown you can leave it blank.

Set the DB & Media options to the relevant setting of where your DB & Media are stored.

I have added the option to add BDMV or VIDEO_TS folder structures. As in the original NMJToolbox, for a VIDEO_TS you should select the .IFO file that relates to the movie VOB files. With BDMV you can select either the .m2ts file in the STREAM folder or the .mpls file in the PLAYLIST folder (recommended for seamless branched discs but slower for mediainfo to process.

Changes in this release:
Added transactional processing to SQL and added a great deal of optimization (due to the new delete function potentially having to complete 100’s of SQL record updates)
Added Delete function for movies and movie video file entries.
Added delete function for TV series, seasons & episodes.
Tried to correct split (different) series when the series names are identical (untested as I have no examples)
Added a bit more accuracy on ‘busy’ mouse pointer in some scenarios and more messages in the status bar.
Fixed error generated when selecting the ‘Edit Cast’ options whilst no tree view entry is highlighted.
Added error trapping when requesting TMDB images without the IMDB ‘ttid’ completed.
Added tooltip to display the full path of a TV show.
Added Move to New Movie right click option to allow splitting of a movie entry.
Added facility to move a movie media file to a different movie entry via drag & drop.
Added Episode number for display/update on the Episode Details screen
Error message added to catch when PATH settings have not been set.
Added 2 parameters in PATH settings to specify where the DB and media are stored.
Improved image display to handle images stored in both the media and nmj_database locations.
Changed Image drag/drop to handle DBs that are held on drives other than the video media share (DB on internal PCH drive)
Added support for adding BDMV folder structures for movies
Added support for adding VIDEO_TS folder structures for movies
Added support for adding extra video files to a movie that already exists

Known minor issue: ‘Busy’ cursor stays busy until mouse is moved – a wierd one which I can’t seem to fix but causes no problems.

NMJToolbox2 Released

Added path Settings screen
Fixed error genrated when starting to edit a title and then finish editing without actually changing it.
Added F2 key to enable the editing of a title in the treeview
Prevented error when double clicking ‘Open Database’ when first running NMJToolbox2
Added open last DB used message/function.
Improved ‘busy’ cursor display.
Added facility to add (single file) movies ( automatically queries The Movie DB and gets details using MediaInfo).
Modified ‘Remove article’ so that rather than completely removing it, it is added to the end. EG ‘Das Boot’ Would become ‘Boot, Das’
Corrected a number of windows positions when loading.

NOTE: To use the ‘Add Movie’ facility you must have the paths set up correctly in menu->path settings.
For each path listed you should enter in the WINDOWS_PATH column the windows path that will take you to the same place that the PCH would
end up in from its path. Remember to add the final ” as well.

Adding a movie is completely new and as I do not have a PCH that uses NMJv2 I cannot test it. PLEASE make a backup of your database
before adding a new movie and report back if you find problems with the function or if the new entry that you have added does not play.
If it does not play send me the setting you have in the PATS screen and where your media.db and file added is stored.

Unlike NMJToolbox (1) this version should work with UNC paths as well as windows mapped drives. It should also add movies correctly if you have
your media.db on a different share/drive to your media.

It currently does NOT support folder rips (BDMV & VIDEO_TS), I will add these in a future version as long as this current
function works properly so your feedback is appreciated.

The Original Windows Editor for the Popcorn Hour NMJ!