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NMJToolbox2 FAQ:


Q. Why do I have to set paths?
A. NMJToolbox2 is the only editor that supports both media on a different drive/share to where the database is and the only one that supports multi-shares. For this reason it cannot assume the media and DB are in the same location so it has to be told how windows get to the location(s) of your media that the NMJ has in it’s database.

Q. What do I put in the WINDOWS_PATH section of the Paths->Settings screen?
A. You should look at the PCH_PATH entry and then point the WINDOWS_PATH to exactly the same location ie going to whatever is in the WINDOWS_PATH in Windows will show you exactly the same content as if you went to what is in the PCH_PATH on your Popcorn Hour.

Q. When I go into the Paths screen in NMJToolbox2 theere is nothing entered in the PCH_PATH colum, so what do I put in the WINDOWS_PATH column.
A. Simple answer, nothing. This is indicating that the media is on the same drive as the database and NMJToolbox2 will interpret it as such. However, you must still set the 2 dropdown boxes to their correct settings otherwise your artwork will not display.

Q. Does NMJToolbox2 support UNC paths (eg \\<servername>\<folder> etc.)?
A. Yes, however due to the way NMJToolbox2 works if you get the path right but not the exact case in the path, any additions of new media or changes in artwork may not be added correctly.

For this reason it is recommended to map windows drive letters to all of your shares/drives and use these in NMJToolbox2.

Q. What are the dropdown combo boxes for in the Paths->Settings window.
A. As the NMJ/PCH has 2 ways of referring to artwork in it’s database it needs to know if your media & DB are on the same drive and if that drive is internal to the PCH or not. It only really has an effect if your media.db is on an internal drive and your media is on a network share. If this is the case set the DB location to ‘PCH Internal Drive’ and media location to ‘Network Share’, otherwise should be safe to leave both to ‘Network Share’.


Q. How do I change the artwork on a movie/tv show/tv season?

A. Highlight the entry in the tree view that you want to change the artwork for. If the entry has either an IMDB ‘tt ID’ or a ‘Content ID’ then you can simply click the ‘TMDB/TVDB’ images button where you will be presented with the selection that is available from their respective websites. Use the < & > buttons to navigate to the ones that you want, place a check in the relevant checkboxes for the images you want to add/replace and OK out.

Q. That’s fine but what if I don’t like those images or want to use my own?
A. The image boxes support drag and drop. You can either drag a .jpg onto the image box that you want to update or you can drag an image directly from a web page in your web browser onto the image box(es).

Note: depending on how the images are embedded on the web page the drag & drop of images from them may not work. It all depends on the website’s implementation of embedding images.

Q. An entry has images but I don’t want any image, how can I remove the image?
A. Double click the image. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete it (it only removes it from the database/NMJ it does not remove the actual image file).

Q. I have a movie/TV Show that has the details for another (incorrect) film/TV Show. How to I get the correct details?
A. NMJToolbox2 can get details using any of 3 ways:
1. Content ID
3. Title.

They are used in that order. So, if there is a content ID it will use that, if there isn’t but there is an IMDB ID then it will use that but if no ‘IDs’ then it will use the title.

Using an ID points directly to a specific title so if the Content/TTID is wrong the details will still be wrong. You can either correct the ‘ID’ field and click the relevant toolbar button to update from the website.

If you want to search by title then make sure you clear the IMDB ID and ContentID before clicking the update from the internet button. If there are multiple title matches you may be given a list of movies to choose from.

Q. The Title is wrong, how do I change it?
A. It is the name in the tree and works the same way as editing in Windows explorer. Select the entry and then click a second time to edit – or press F2 when the entry in the tree is selected.

Q. I want to edit the ‘Search Title – How do I do that?
A. You can’t. NMJToolbox2 will format the search title automatically depending on the settings you have set. By default it will set it to the same as the title you set. If the title starts with an article (eg ‘The’ ‘A’, ‘An’ etc.) NMJToolbox2 will move this word to the end and index the title on the 2nd word.

You can turn off moving of the article by selecting ‘Do Not Process Title Article’ on the settings menu.

Q. How do I change the Cast/Keywords/Genre(s) of an entry?
A. Either click on the relevant toolbar button (2 people with a pencil for Cast, Paper with a Key on it for Keywords, 2 Theatre masks for Genres) or you can double click the cast, keyword or genre boxes as well.


Q. Using the scanner the progress window pops up and closes without anything being added.
A. This is more than likely due to the WINDOWS_PATH being inaccessible from Windows. This commonly occurs if the remote device has been reset/rebooted whilst your windows PC has been on.

Open windows explorer and simply access all the share drives that NMJToolbox2 should scan and then try the scan facility again.

Q. The scanner adds my files but some entries are wrong, why?
A. 99% of the time this is down to the naming of your files/folders. If you want to be as certain as you can be that the entry will be scraped correctly use the folowing format:

<film name> (<year>).ext

Underscores and periods are permitted between words and will be stripped for the internet query.

Anything else (group tags, format, source etc) such as ‘BluRay’ are NOT automatically stripped and may cause the query to fail. To handle this you can add text to the list of words to strip before a query. You set these in Settings->’Ignore Words in Filenames…’

Q. The scanner added one or more TV episode into the Movies section…
A. Again, this is down to your file name convention. NMJToolbox2 checks the filename for season/series indicators. If these are not found then the file is deemed to be a movie. The format needs to be one of the following formats:

<series name> S9999E9999 <optional episode title>.ext
<series name> 9999×9999 <optional episode title>.ext

The first ‘9999’ above is the season number, the second is the episode number. These can be 1 to 4 digits long with or without leading zeroes.

Q. I have a file that is multiple TV episodes in one, how do these get added as separate episodes in the NMJ?
A. Name as above but with multiple ‘E’ entries. E.g ‘Game of thrones’, season 2 episodes 3-5 would be:

Game of Thrones S02E03E04E05 <optional text>.ext

Common NMJ issues

Q. On the NMJ I go into a TV season and see one or more Episodes called ‘Unknown’ and none of them play.
A. This is due to the number of episodes on the season record being incorrect/too high. Run the ‘Fix Video Count & Type’ option on the Utilities menu.

Q. There are entries in the NMJ, they play OK but the artwork is not showing. However, the artwork shows when viewing the entry in NMJToolbox2.
A. This is due to the combo boxes in the Paths screen being set incorrectly for your setup. It is highly likely that you have the DB on your internal drive but your media is elsewhere. Set the combo for ‘Media.db path’ to PCH Internal Drive’ and the combo for ‘Media File Location’ to ‘Network Share’.

Q. I see an entry in NMJToolbox2 but I can’t find it in the NMJ, why is this?
A. When viewing in ‘Category View’ mode the NMJ uses the index table. Your ‘missing’ entry is probably just missing from the index. This can be fixed by running Utilities->Rebuild Index then selecting Video.

Q. When I view details on an entry in the NMJ the wallpaper/Fanart is ‘zoomed’ in.
A. The NMJ is 720P, by default NMJToolbox2 sizes fanart to 1080P. Originally the NMJ would resize these wallpaper images but this facility has been removed for speed and memory considerations.

You should tick the ‘Use 720P Wallpaper Images’ on the Settings menu. This will make sure all subsequent artwork changes are correct.

If you wish to correct existing artwork you can run Bulk Actions-> Optimise Images->Video Wallpapers

Q. Using the ‘Fill in missing Video Images’ option does not seem to have filled in all of the missing images.
A. Images will only be completed if certain conditions are met:

1. There must be a Content or IMDB ID for that entry.
2. It must exist (and have artwork) on the MovieDB or TheTVDB.
3. There must NOT be a path in that existing image entry.

To Check if there is an existing path for the image for an entry select the entry in the treeview then hover your pointer over the image box. If the tooltip does not say ‘No Image’ then a path is there. To remove that path, double click the picturebox.
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