Download the following if you have a VTen, 300, 400 or 500 Series Popcorn Hour (A-300, C-300, A-400/410 or A500/Pro) or C/A2x0 series with the latest firmware

Latest version ( of NMJToolbox2 Click Here

Localisation DLL (Required – extract to same folder as NMJToolbox.exe/NMJToolbox2.exe) – Click Here

SQLite DLL (Required – extract to same folder as NMJToolbox.exe/NMJToolbox2.exe) – Click Here

MediaInfo DLL (Required – extract to same folder as NMJToolbox2.exe – NOTE: this is a different version than the one used for NMJToolbox for the 200 series) Click Here

Documentation for NMJToolbox2

English – Click Here

Example Overlays Pack

Overlays Pack – Click Here
Jonny555’s Overlays Pack – Click Here

Virtual Clone Drive (Optional) – Click Here

Language Files (required to have NMJToolbox2 to display in anything other than English – extract to same folder as NMJToolbox2.exe)

French – Click Here (Updated 25/05/15)
Italian – Click Here
Dutch – Click Here
Chinese (Simplified) – Click Here (Updated 25/05/15)


Download the following if you have a 200 Series Popcorn Hour (A200, A210 or C-200) with NMJv1 (old firmwares) – I recommend you update your firmware and upgrade to NMJv2 which means you can use NMJToolbox2 (above)

Latest version ( of NMJToolbox Click Here

IMPORTANT: If you are currently using a version of NMJToolbox (for the 200 series) earlier than version then you need to re-download the SQLite .dll and replace the one that you currently have.

SQLite DLL (Required – extract to same folder as NMJToolbox.exe/NMJToolbox2.exe) – Click Here

MediaInfo DLL (Required – extract to same folder as NMJToolbox.exe) Click Here


To use NMJToolbox you need all of the files detailed above. You also need Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed to use this application.

There is NO installation, simply extract the rar files to a folder of your choice.Β  NMJToolbox does not register any files it does not modify your registry or modify your machine in any way.

To remove the software from your machine simply delete the .exe and .dll files – thats it!.Β  If you are upgrading to a newer version of NMJToolbox you only need to download the NMJToolboxX.X.X.X.rar and replace the .exe file that you have with the new one in the rar archive.

If you have any issues, problems or requests you can post a message in the NMJToolbox for the 200 series thread or NMJToolbox2 for the 300 series thread on the Networked Media Tank Forum.Β  Of course you can just click on the NMTForum button in the application as well!


107 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. First of all you are a life saver. Thumbs up for developing this software.

    Secondly, how to I manually add a movie to the database using NMJ?
    Ive read about it on forums but cant grasp the actual instructions to do this.

    I recently added some new downloaded movies on an external disk attached on the popcorn a210. I would like to add them to the ”wall” by adding them through nmjtools.

    Thanks a lot for your help. Cheers -G

  2. Its pretty easy to add a new movie:

    The best way is to find the movie on IMDB and get the ‘TT ID’ so for The Matrix the IMDB URL is

    The TT ID is tt0133093

    Open your NMJ DB in NMJ Toolbox and whilst on the Video tab click New
    In the TTID box put the TTID
    Click Add and browse/add the media file for the movie you want to add
    Make sure the Genre is set (you can change it later if you want)
    Click OK

    This will add all of the movie and file info it can find you can now add artwork as you like either using drag & drop or the ‘MovieDB’ artwork browser button.

  3. You are a lifesaver!

    Another question; How do I add DVD’s? (Video_ts) folder etcetc

  4. It is exactly the same as adding other files (mkv etc) except with the DVD when adding it enter the VIDEO_TS folder and pick the .IFO file of the movie.

    NMJToolbox will scan that IFO to link the VOB files for the video information like FPS, runtime etc but it also knows that it is a DVD folder structure so adds it to the NMJ differently than single file movies.

    BluRay file structures are slightly different in that you should go into the BDMV/STREAM folder and select the m2ts file (if there is only one) or if there is multiple m2ts files then select (usually) the largest one. Again NMJToolbox will scan and add it as a BluRay as it sees the folder structure. The one drawback of this is that if the BD is a seamless branched film it will have only the runtime of the single m2ts file that you selected.

    A way around the multiple m2ts files issue is to go into the BDMV/PLAYLIST folder and select the mpls file. This will link the m2ts files and should ascan it properly but again on seamless branched discs there will be multiple mpls files and you have to pick the correct one. This way will take longer for NMJToolbox to scan but should give better results.

    1. I have tried this and it does not work. It shows in the nmj GUI but I get could not play. It only plays when going from the file structure. I have other DVD that were added fine when done through auto but I want to add them manually thru nmj toolbox. If I scan media now it will write over everything in my db. I have multiple ifo files and I have tried each one with no success

      1. If the title does not play in NMJ but plays in file mode then it is definitely down to how you have your PATHS set up in the settings menu in NMJToolbox2.

  5. Hello,

    If i wanne add a TV show like Dexter. I search on imdb and the TT ID is: tt0773262 But when i wanne add it, it says: no valid movie info recieved

    What do i wrong?

    PS sorry for my bad english, im from holland.


  6. Hi Thomas,

    Unfortunately I have only implemented the API for TheMovieDB and that site does not contain data on TV shows. This is why you are getting the message. This does not affect adding the files/series but it does mean that it will not have automatically downloaded information like certificate, synopsis etc. For TV shows you will have to add these manually in the other sections of NMJ Toolbox.

    I was planning on implementing TheTVDB but before I got around to it Syabas released details of NMJ v2 which is entirely different and will need a total rewrite. I am still deciding whether to support NMJ v2 – If I find time out of work I will probably have a stab at it.

  7. Hello,
    I tried to install the NMJToolbox but,even that i extracted the exefile and the sqlite and media info in the same folder that i called nmjtool, i keep having this message after hitting the exe toolbox button :” required DLL files are missing, make sure that you have required system data.SQLite.dll and media Info.dll located in the NMJToolbox.exefolder”
    Please help !!!
    Thank you in advance.

    1. The code does nothing particularly clever checking the DLLs are in the same executeable path. It simply gets the path of the exe and tags on the dll filenames to check if the files exist. Are you sure that you have extracted the DLL files from the rar files? The filse should always be called:


      If you are sure that these files are there, extracted and correct then the only other thing which will cause this error message is if MediaInfo is responding with an invalid version response. Try re-downloading the MediaIfo rar from this site, re-extracting the file and try launching NMJToolbox again.

  8. Hi. Thanks for the great tool!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a function to manually edit cast! πŸ™‚
    (For most of my movies, since they are non-English, the cast is not retrieved and that greatly limits my NMJ)

    Can you also please add a function to sort movies by the folder they are in on the HDD?
    That’d be great because it would allow me to batch-edit movies by the way they are organized on my HDD. -all the more if you could also add a function to select multiple files for editing. The “bulk genre edit” in my case doesn’t help as most of the files I add are not found on the IMDB, and also I custom genre categorizations (e.g. “Thai horror”), so until I’ve manually edited all the files, the “bulk genre” doesn’t help.
    I’d kind of need quite the reverse function – bulk-select files yet with no genre so as to edit them and give them a genre.

    Also, for TV series, when I change details e.g. release date, season number etc. from the main entry under the “video” tab, in spite of checking “update episodes”, the single episodes are not updated. Is that intended?

    Cheers and keep up the great job!!

    1. I will have a look at adding an edit cast function. I was not going to do any more additions to this version due to NMJ v2 being announced but it seems it may be a bit delayed!

      You should be able to sort your movies in the folder location by going onto the Episodes tab and finding the PATH column, click on the header to put in alphabetical folder order.

      I will look into editing genres where no genre already exists.

      yes, the ‘update episodes’ check box only updates the title on all of the episodes linked to that video entry.

  9. Hi,

    Having some trouble with different movies seen as episodes of one movie, I thought the NMJ Toolbox might help me out.
    I think it will, but I came across a flaw.
    If I enter a new entry, I have to add related media files. That works fine with files (eg. ISO or MKV), but I have a lot of movies as a collection of VOB files in a folder.
    NMJ handles that well, because you only have to enter the folder name (eg. Movies/Knowing).
    Unfortunately, NMJ Toolbox does not accept folder names. Only file names.
    Keep up the good job!

    1. NMJToolbox does support folder rips (VIDEO_TS & BDMV). the reason that it wants a file in this situation is for you to specify which file that mediainfo is to query for the metadata.

      For VIDEO_TS folders, select the IFO file that corresponds to the main title. For BDMV folders you can either go into the PLAYLISTS folder and select the mpls file for the movie or go into STREAM and select the m2ts file for the movie (I recommend the MPLS file as the runtime will be correct on seamless branched films).

      NMJToolbox is aware of folder structures and adds them accordingly to NMJ.

    1. Glad you find it useful, I do like to hear comments (good or bad) as it makes me want too keep improving it!


  10. Since 2 days I’m a owner of a 300 Series Popcorn Hour.
    The NMJ provided with the 300-C changed al of mine Movie Info to information what is not correct, and I’m not very pleased with that because I can’t reverse it anymore.
    Is there a way how I can remove the info provided with the movies? Do I have to remove certain files?
    There are also movies for children on my disk what is only available in the Netherlands, what’s make my wonder how it can be that the movies are provided with information what is totally not correct? Sorry for the bad english.

    1. The NMJ scanner relies on you having the video files named correctly so that it can find the film on TheMovieDB. It does (even with correct naming) get things wrong sometimes. This is why I wrote NMJToolbox and NMJToolbox2.

      Unless you want to completely remove the entry/video from your jukebox you do not need to delete anything. You can use NMJToolbox2 to open your media.db that was created by the NMJ and edit/change most of the information it has scanned. This includes titles, casts, video file details and the images it displays etc..

      If the movie you have is listed on TheMovieDB then simply find out the IMDB ‘ttID’, highlight the film in NMJToolbox2, Change the IMDBID field to the correct value and hit the ‘MovieDB Update’ button on the toolbar. This will update the film in your database with the correct information. You can also click on the TMDB Images button which will let you choose from all the artwork on the Movie DB for your covers and wallpaper.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful program. I have just started using it on the A300 and it works well. Have been having a problem with thee A300 which you may be able to solve with this tool. When you first download the NMJ database it doesn’t allow the fanart unless you preselect it. I have 700+ items to which I would like to add the fanart to, but no way to do it via the popcorn box. Is there any way of adding a function to grab the database fanart for all items in your tool?
    Thanks in advance


    1. The A300 should certainly download the fanart if it has an internet connection. However, this doesn’t help you now. There is no β€˜bulk’ grabbing of fanart facility in NMJToolbox, you still have to do it on a film by film basis (most people want to choose which fanart to download).

      It could certainly be an option to go through the DB and download the first fanart file that it finds for any film that does not already have fanart associated with it. I can look at adding that if you really feel it would be useful.

  12. First of all, thank you very much for this program! I really like it and it works great with my A-300 database. Most of the time my machine will download everything correctly, but sometimes it doesn’t and then this program can correct it (it saw terminator 3 as fiest bowl for example).

    When I switch to TV Shows overview I get the following error message “2007 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard has no Season record (127)”. Very strange, because there is no such thing in my list. How can I repear this?

    How can I manually find the tvdb code for a tv serie?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :).

  13. The message you are getting is due to you having a TV episode in your database that has no associated Season record. Every episode must have a corresponding Series & Season record. The tree view for TV episodes will only show them if all the required records are in the database – this is why you cannot see it.

    Unfortunately you cannot use NMJToolbox to correct these entries. You can either put up with the error warning (it does not cause an issue, its just a warning) or you can manually delete the offending record with an SQLite manager. The manager I use is SQLite Studio. The record you should remove is Record 127 in the SHOWS table. Then your error will disappear.

    1. Hi, I just last week switched from a Netgear EVA9150 to the PCH A-300. Handling the NMJ Jukebox is not really easier with the A-300 than with the Netgear. Bit of a disappointment but …I’m really very happy with NMJ Tools! Thanks for that.

      I use NMJ Toolbox v2 and it almost seems like the instructions are not meant for NMJ Toolbox v2. E.g. when I have the media.db opened and try to delete a movie from the db, I cannot seem to find where or how to select the Delete function. Am I not looking in the right place or should I wait for an update of programme or instructions?


      1. Hi Hans, The Documentation is for NMJToolbox (1) is for the 200 series players. It is also very out of date. There is no documentation for NMJToolbox2 for the 300 series yet.

        Also, there is no facility to delete records with NMJToolbox2 yet but I have written the functionality into the next release. I am hoping to release a new version of NMJToolbox2 in the next couple of days. There are a lot of changes in the next release so keep an eye out for it!



  14. Great, thanks!!!!

    I have found the NMJ discussion on networkedmediatank, I’ll also keep an eye on that!


    1. Hi,

      First of all i am joining the rest here and want to thank you for this amazing application, suddenly i can clean all these blank thumbnails from my NMJ:-)

      One question:

      I have 4 episodes of a TV series that i want to organize as 4 episodes of a single TV series and not as 4 different movies with 4 different thumbnails.

      How do i do that?

  15. If they are movies to TV shows then right click on the first movie and select ‘Move to New TV Show’.

    For the others you can select ‘Move to Existing TV Show’ and you can then select the one to move it to.

    1. Right click where? in the NMJ toolbox you cannot right click movies, you can just select them in order to edit

      1. Sorry I didn’t realise you meant the original NMJToolbox. You should be able to select the movie and click edit. Change it to a TV show. Delete the other entries. Then select your new TV show and add episodes to it.

        1. Hi,

          I overcame the problem by using the “Modify Episodes” button.

          Another two questions if i may ask:

          1.How come i do not get Movie DB update even if i insert the relevant IMDB TT ID field, and i check the radio button “IMDB ID” so that the SW ignores all other fields like title
          2.How do i force the NMJ to use the same jpeg(manually placed in the video folder) for both the Poster and the Thumbnail? for some reason it is used only for the Poster.


  16. Sorry but i missed some info regarding the first question. The problem doesn’t arise for every movie, it arises for less popular TV series but still i would expect it to update every IMDB entry provided i insert it correctly.

    1. The problem is that NMJToolbox does not use IMDB, it uses TheMovieDB – which only does movies, not TV shows. There is no automatic update facility for TV shows. Once I have finished adding this to NMJToolbox2 then I will be porting it over to NMJToolbox.

      As to using the same image for thumbnails and posters, simply drag & drop the same image onto each of the thumbnail & poster place holders.

  17. Thank you very much for this program! I really like it and it works fine accept one thing i cant manully add a movie or serie it says i use the wrong path and i have to use setting for changing it, i dont no what iam doing wrong al other changes are working fine and toolbox seems to use the good path i dont no what is going wrong sorry for my bad english
    greatz willem

    1. Hi Willem, which NMJToolbox are you using, 1 or 2? 2 is for the A-300 & C-300, 1 is for the 200 series (C-200, A-210 & A-200). They work very differently to each other so I will need to know which version you use so that I can help you further.

      1. OK,you need to go to the settings->paths menu. In there you will see a column PCH_PATH which lists the patch known to the PCH where your media is. You need to add into the WINDOWS_PATH side the exact path that you have to use in windows to get to the same folder that the PCH sees.

        EG. If the PCH_PATH simply says ‘Video’ but you know it is on your PCH internal drive you windows path would be ‘shareVideo

        The combos at the bottom are only really important if your database is on the PCH internal drive but the media files are on an external network share.

  18. “As to using the same image for thumbnails and posters, simply drag & drop the same image onto each of the thumbnail & poster place holders.”

    Where in the toolbox can i drag? The images are glued to the Poster place holders, you cannot drag the or even right click them…

    1. If you have an image you want to use on your hard drive you drag from Windows Explorer and drop it onto the image placeholder in Toolbox. Optionally if you use Chrome or Firefox and you find the image you want to use for the coders you can drag from your browser and drop onto the image placeholder in NMJToolbox.

  19. Thanks very much, that worked:-)

    Another question not directly related to the toolbox:

    How do i stop NMJ from swapping thumbnails each time i run a routine DB update?
    I inserted manually the correct photos and then after an update it swaps them back to wrong photos it probably finds somewhere on the web.


    1. If you go iinto the Setup page on your PopcornHour there is a setting to turn off automatic updates. Unfortunately this is the only way to stop NMJ overwriting your changes.

      It does mean that any new films etc. will need to be added manually by software like NMJToolbox.

  20. Hi,

    I shut down the auto update because i find using your application much easier and gives me full control over my DB.
    It is amazing to think that you did all that on your free time, you changed the whole user experience of this product!
    When will you issue a SW version that supports IMDB?


    1. Hi Amir, glad that you are getting to grips with the software! I doubt I will be adding IMDB querying due to it not being free. The only other way of adding it would be to scrape the webpage which would stop working correctly as soon as they change the page layout/format.

      TheMovieDB is very good for movies and I will be adding TheTVDB (which is far better for TV shows than IMDB) for TV very soon so you will have full auto update facilities.

  21. Hello

    Great tool you have made.
    I use it regulary.
    One question though…will you continue to develope the version ?
    I was thinking of a way to make a playlist of audio files. That would be a very welcoming feature as the NMJ v.1 is very time consuming when it comes to making playlists and it does not warn you if you add a CD which is already added and so on…
    Will you continue to develop the NMJ toolbox 1 ??

    1. Hi Petter, Yes I will be going back to addressing some issues in NMJToolbox shortly. I am just getting most of the features for video into NMJToolbox2 then I will be re-visiting NMJToolbox.

      I will be releasing a new version of NMJToolbox2 this weekend which will have TheTVDB updating built in. I never added this to NMJToolbox1 so I will be porting that feature over first.

      I will be looking at adding playlists & editing/creating them but I would need to inspect exactly how the popcornhour scripts them first. Look out for an update! πŸ˜‰

      1. Thanks.

        I promise to donate when the new release is out because this program deserves it.

        Thanks again.

  22. Hi,
    First thing thanks a lot for this great tool, much appreciated and it’s quite impressive!
    I saw you posted that version of NMJToolbox2 The has been released but the link on the download page seems to be for version
    Or did you post it somewhere else?


    1. Whoops! Sorry about that, I forgot to update the link. It is updated now.

      There are a couple of issues reported and fixed in the next release…..

      Adding movies/TV shows and your media and DB are on the internal PCH drive – it gets the path wrong. If you have this setup then do not add any new files. I will be putting in a fix utility to fix errors if you have already got bad entries.

  23. Nice tool! anyway i know how to find IMDB ID… but how we can find the content ID? i can’t find it anywhere on IMDB… do tell me… thx

  24. If you are using NMJToolbox2 for the 300 series then you don’t actually need to find out either. If no TTID is specified then it will search using the Movie/TV show title. When you click on TheMovieDB update or TVDB Update buttons the TTID and the content ID is automatically completed for you (if it is supplied in the data received back from the website being queried).

  25. Is it possible to modify the genre settings for a TV show and that it would automatically assign the genre change to the Season/Episode records? I want to add a new Genre value and assign it to a number of TV show’s but as far as I can tell I would have to manually make the same changes to Season and Episode records. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks.

  26. It is not currently possible to do that, you need to do each one at a time. I can add it (it is a feature in the original NMJToolbox). However, you do realise that the NMJ only uses the genre on the season anyway? It ignores all other genres (series and episode). The same is true for a number of fields – even images, the NMJ only uses season images, series as far as the NMJ goes are irrelevant. This may change in the future when Syabas allow sets to be created.

    1. Ok. Will give it a try with just the Seasons and see what happens. Hadn’t realized that’s how NMJ worked in regards to genres. Will be a bit cumbersome modifying the season entries for over 50 series. Thanks for the feedback.

  27. I can add an option to update the seasons/episodes recursively. Shouldn’t be a big issue.

  28. As so many others have said before me, thanks so much for this fantastic software!

    I have just got the hang of it and have been able to correct a lot of the mistakes made by the NMJ in my A-300 when it first scanned my content.

    I am having an unusual problem that cropped up yesterday. Although, I have made and saved a number of corrections in my database – switched to the correct movie, updated poster art, etc – they do not appear corrected on my A-300. For example, the NMJ miscalled The Muppet Movie as The Muppet Show. I corrected this in the NMJToolbox2, and my changes are there each time I load it (correct pictures, cast, blurb. etc.), but I cannot seem to get these changes updated in the A-300 itself. The Jukebox still shows the wrong title and image.

    I have also noticed that some images in the Wall view, when picking movies, show an image of one movie, but list a different movie at the bottom. Clicking on the image takes me to the move title on the bottom which shows the correct image for that movie. It is as though a pointer somewhere got shifted by one movie.

    Is there trick to make sure that the A-300 uses the most recent version of the database? Is it possible the database differs from what I see in the main program window?


    1. Hi Josh, I see you have posted in the support thread of the Networked Media Tank forum so I will continue supporting you there.

  29. I have also noticed that some images in the Wall view, when picking movies, show an image of one movie, but list a different movie at the bottom. Clicking on the image takes me to the move title on the bottom which shows the correct image for that movie. It is as though a pointer somewhere got shifted by one movie.

    1. I have had 2 other reports of this and another user has been helping me to detect where the error is caused. It appears to be a bug in the NMJ and as such I cannot fix it with NMJToolbox2. If I get further info on the cause of the error I may be able to add in a workaround but at the moment there is nothing I can do to fix this issue.

  30. Hi,

    I try to download the NMJToolbox. But instead off an exe file I get a .man file.
    How do I get the proper exe file?

    I would appriciate any hints/tips/help!

    Thanks for sharing

    1. There are no files on this site ending with ‘.man’. The NMJToolbox program is in a rar file so there is probably an error with your downloding. Try downloading the rar file again from the links above.

  31. I`m getting the same file with the extension .man -> U have to change it into .rar (Then it works fine!)

    1. As I said to the other poster, there are no ‘man’ files available to download from here. If the completed download has that extension then it must be an issue with your client as I have no idea where the man extension comes from.

      I have tried all the download links myself (Win7 with Chrome) and they all download fine. Another note is that NMJToolbox2 is a zip, not a rar file. I changed that a few releases ago so that the Auto Update function would work.

  32. Hi,

    When I try to add a move with a question mark in the title, I receive the error “Illegal charaters in path”, the data appears to populate (case, genre etc.) but not the images?

    I’m using v1.0.4.2 (have PCH C-300).


    1. Hi Peter, I will give this a try. Are you sure it is a question mark and not something else? What movie are you adding and what is the filename?

      1. Hi,

        The movie name is:
        Any Questions for Ben?

        The filename is:
        Any Questions For Ben.mkv

        IMDB ID is:


        1. Hi Peter,

          Thanks for that. I have managed to re-create & fix it and will have it in the next release this weekend.

  33. Hi,
    The new version partly fixes the “illegal error in path” error. When adding a movie with a question mark in the title, the thumbnail image is now returned fine but the poster and wallpaper images still get the illegal error in path message.


    1. Whoops, sorry about that. Part of the fix I did seems to have been lost in the source. It WAS working. I have now fixed it (again) and will release an update once I have finished adding the next feature I’m adding.

  34. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the updated version ! I am still using the Tool al lot much to my satisfaction!

    I have a question about NMJ Toolbox ( for PCH-C200.

    Some documantaries or movies cant be found in the IMDB. Most info you can add manually. My question is:
    If I find jpeg for thumbnail, poster and wallpaper by other means, how can I get those pictures to showup in the NMJ? I cant find a way in the toolbox to do it.

    I tried by editing the media.db file manually in notepad++ and copying the makeup from a Title that did encompasses those pictures and ofcourse I mannually added the pictures to the Thumbnail, Poster and Wallpaper directory

    But when I tried to run the database file I got an error message that the file was corrupted (ofcourse I made a backup before medling with it πŸ˜‰

    Thanks in advance for the response!

    1. Hi Henk πŸ™‚

      Its pretty simple to add your own images. Simply select the movie/tv show you want to change the images on in NMJToolbox.

      Make sure that you can see the current images (or empty place holders for the images).
      Locate the picture(s) on your PC that you want to add using windows explorer.
      Drag/drop the image on to the place holder that you want to put the image in.

      NMJToolbox does the rest for you.

      Make sure the image is less than 1MB as the NMJ does not support/like large images and it will impact performance.

      You can also drag/drop images directly from firefox/chrome (not IE, IE does not support direct drag and drop).

      1. Chris,

        you are the best …. i tried lots of options … but no result and now this. Ha I am happy LOL.

        Thanks m8!

        Greetz Henk

  35. K
    I have a PCH 300 and am using NMJ as Jukebox
    now i have set up shares for my certain folders and i have saved my database files on my internal HDD on the PCH.
    The Shared folder is on my Server
    The problem i am having is with regards to Images
    When i go into NMJ Toolbox and Edit a Movie or TV show
    what i change to the title or any Data info changes when i do a save in Toolbox
    but the problem i am having is with regards to Images
    Nothing i change in the images gets seen when operating the PCH NMJ
    if i change IE Smallville Season 2 Thumbnail, Poster and Wallpaper
    and press save
    when i run the PCH NMJ it just shows a black image to anything i change
    how do I make the PCH NMJ see my Changes to Images?

  36. It could be a couple of issues you have. The most likely issue is that your path settings are wrong.

    As I understand it is you have your media on a network share and the nmj_database folder on your PCH internal drive?

    If so, in NMJToolbox the PATH settings should be set to the correct windows path. However, you also have to set the two combo boxes correctly. The Media DB location should be set to PCH Internal Drive and the Media Location should be set to Network Share.

    If you are sure that these are all set correctly then I can only suggest that you are editing whilst the PCH is running the NMJ (you should always edit when the PCH is not running NMJ) or the PCH is cacheing its nformation so do a full reboot.

    Let me know how you get on.

  37. Yep figured that part out
    Updated the shares
    Edited one TV File Poster and it updated fine and updated the Images
    but then i Left the NMJ open and it didnt update the other poster changes
    how do i reset the NMJ on the PCH?

    1. You don’t ‘reset it’ as such, just press eject yo come out of it. If you want the PCH to clear the cache you can just reboot the PCH.

  38. also in the Utilites do you have to do a Clean up image run on the posters and thumbnails to make the changes take effect?

    1. On the utilities menu it simply looks at the images in the nmj_databasemedia folder and moves to a backup all of the images that are not referenced in the database. It does not make the NMJ show or hide images so it would not solve your issue of posters not showing.

  39. Okay figured it out and got things working
    One thing i did notice in my database is some of my tv show have mulitple
    titles to them Example
    Mike & Molly
    Season 1 is Good
    Season 2 first Set has 7 Episodes
    Mike & Molly
    Season 2 has 4 Ep
    MIke & Molly
    Season 2 has 6 Ep

    How do i join these together to make One Set in my database
    Mike & Molly
    Season 2 23 Ep

  40. mike.&.molly.s02e01.720p.hdtv.x264

    I think this is my Issue
    This is an non issue with my C200 running YAMJ
    Actually i have never had this issue ever so
    i have gotten away with this so far

  41. You can drag the 2nd ‘Season 2’ in the tree and drop it on the series node of the treeview, it will combine the episodes with the season 2 already there. Do the same for the 3rd season 2.

  42. Yep that worked with the drag and drop
    I actually rebuilt my one Jukebox and when it rescanned and processed it was much better
    I actually havent really used my PCH 300 cause my jukebox was full of errors before
    but now with this tool i was able to fix everything and now the jukebox is clean
    Just wish there was a way to do 2 things
    1. for Tv episodes it would be nice to have images pertaining to the actual ep
    2. on the actual NMJ dim the shaded right side of the screen so its more transparent to see the Fan Art in the back ground
    But i love how i can drag and drop stuff

    1. Hi Kevin, I’m pleased that you got your series sorted and like the program. As to your 2 feature wishes, unfortunately both these facilities are down to the NMJ itself. The NMJ only actually uses the images for the season. NMJToolbox allows you to add series & episode images for TV shows but the NMJ ignores them (though Syabas may add support in the future). The transparency etc again is all down to the NMJ. If you want to put forward some changes then you would be best posting it on the NetworkedMediaTank forums.

  43. I have nmj toolbox2 but i receved thi s message when i query tvdb : the tvdb did not return for the selected show…
    have you solution?

    1. What is the file name of the TV episode you are adding?

      Does the TV show exist on the TVDB?

    1. I would need the file names you have not the series names. If these are not formatted well then it may not find the series. If you give me an example filename I can test it out to see what is happening.

    1. If it is one tree hill season 2 episode 3 it would be like:

      One Tree Hill S02E03.mkv

    1. As I stated before, what are the actual file names that you are trying to add? If I do not know this then unfortunately I cannot test or help you.

    1. Send me (Rom) a PM on the networked media tank forum and I’ll see what I can sort out.

  44. Hi, just a quick one. When I add a movie through the PCH itself and the movie begins with “The”, the PCH correctly places it in the right part alphabetically, i.e. “The Pact”, is placed under “P”. However when I add movies with NMJToolbox beginning with “The”, they are always placed incorrectly under “T”.

    Any ideas?

    1. Yes, one of your NMJToolbox settings requires changing. On the settings menu uncheck ‘Do not process Title Article’. NMJToolbox will then when changing movie names place A An The at the end of the ‘search title’ and index it under the initial of the next word.

    1. Yes there is, it is contained in a .rar file:

      ‘Latest version ( of NMJToolbox Click Here’

      Right at the top of the page.

  45. I am sooooo stuck. I have a A-210. I have completed nmj installation on my popcorn but no covers are visible they are all grey. I tried searching via Genre & now I keep getting an error message & my popcorn just freezes. I have downloaded your programs but I am completely lost. How do I extract the rar files? how do I sync my film with your program? I have a mapped drive on my laptop so I can see my movies but I am totally lost. I think I need an idiots guide step by step on how to do this. Thanks

    1. How do I extract the rar files?

      Use Winrar

      Once you have extracted the 3 required files run the NMJToolbox.exe and open your media.db which is in a folder called ‘nmj_database’ in the root of where your media is.

      In NMJToolbox there is a link to the networkedmediatank forum which should have the answers to almost any question you have.

      1. Thanks for the link. Ive downloaded this but how do I extract the 3 files? I mwan I have them all in my downloads folder but how do I extract them? And once Ive done that how do I link everything together. Sorry but I’m a little new to all this. Thanks

  46. Hi Rom,

    I own a C200 and love your tool to maintain fanart etc.
    A fee days ago I ordered the A400.

    My plan is to use the same server (database) for both the C200 and the A400, so that I can stream from the same server to different rooms.

    Did you plan development to have 1 nmttoolbox that can create a file for the A200 and another that supports the A400?

    Thx Paul

    1. Hi Paul. Unfortunately you cannot do what you want currently. The 200 series cannot use the database for the 400 series and the 400 series cannot use the 200 series database. So currently you would have to have and maintain 2 separate databases. When the 200 series has been updated to NMJv2 (the version that the 300 & 400 series use) then you can share the database between all popcorn hours.

      When Syabas release this update, NMJToolbox will become redundant and you can maintain it with NMJToolbox2.

  47. Thanks for your response!
    I am aware that the 200 series and 300 series use different databases.
    My question is it feasible to convert e.g. The 300/400 database to the 200 database structure?
    E.g. By adding additional functionality to your NMJToolbox?


  48. Well, no as:

    1. converting a 400/300 DB to 200 series DB is a downgrade and the respective NMJ cannot use versions of the DB that the NMJ was not designed for.
    2. The 300/400 series will automatically upgrade an old 200 series DB if it detects it so there is no need for a tool to go this way.

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