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NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN – 25/5/15

Updated Chinese Language Pack
Updated French Language Pack
Added /CLEANVIDEO /CLEANMUSIC /CLEANPHOTO to the commandline parameters to delete entries for media files that have been deleted/removed.
Expanded the help window to accommodate new options.
Added error message when trying to open the Path settings and no valid database is open.

Missing help line for unattended scanning of photos.


A small update with some tweaks that I wanted 🙂 – 17/5/15

Added order by Runtime (ascending) on movies.
Added an auto ‘try to fix’ option when TV errors are reported on selecting the TV tab
When a single TV episode is played using the NMJToolbox2 remote (only) it is marked as watched (to work around the Cloudmedia bug failing to do this).

Bug on sort order combo when switching tabs in some cases.

NMJTOOLBOX2 RELEASED (FOR NMJV2) A/C2X0, A/C300 & A4X0 – 18/4/15

Further checks for settings being set correctly when opening a database.
Expanded minimum width of main window
When a phrase is searched for that is not found, a message now tells you there is no match
Added function for checking for multiple copies of the same movie or TV episode. TTID needs to be completed for movies to match and episodes must be connected to the same series record, same season record and have the same episode number. NOTE: if you have two versions of the same film (eg 2d & 3d or theatrical and directors cut) then these will be reported as duplicates.
Message popup dialog is auto resized to show the full text width up to max screen width.

NMJTOOLBOX2 RELEASED (FOR NMJV2) A/C2X0, A/C300 & A4X0 – 29/3/15

Updated French translation (you will need the updated French resources dll)
Changed/enhanced the detection of TV shows that are year specific (eg Battlestar Galactica (2003)), should be more robust.

Error adding new TV shows the TV show year is always added to the title.

NMJTOOLBOX2 RELEASED (FOR NMJV2) A/C2X0, A/C300 & A4X0 – 23/1/15

Tweaked display of progress window when scanning in TV episodes.
Added new (extra) episode naming format for multiple episodes. You can now add an episode range split with a hyphen and NMJToolbox2 will add episodes for all numbers between (inclusive) eg:
The Big Bang Theory S02E03-E07.mkv would add episodes 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 to the NMJ.

NOTE: The episode range feature is recognised by NMJToolbox2 only, the NMJ scanner does not support this naming.

Errors in storing photo recently scanned data