NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/4/500 SERIES & VTEN – 2/10/18

Error when setting recently added on exit if the record IDs are large numbers..

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  1. Thank you for your continued updates!

    Would it be possible to automatically extract the IMDB numbers from the filename as well, similar to how the year is now extracted? They always start with “tt” and then 7 numbers.

    1. If the file is named appropriately then the search should be automatic and both the TTID and TMDB ID should also be completed automatically. If you need to force a TTID for am file simply place an nfo file into the same folder as the movie with the IMDB url in the first line, NMJToolbox2 will use that for detecting what the movie is and search using that information.

      1. Thank you!
        What would be the correct naming convention for the IMDB tag?
        My files are currently named “Movie name (year) tt0000000.extension”, however only the year is automatically extracted.

        1. You do not have to specify the IMDB tag at all, NMJToolbox will detect the film pretty well with the correct movie title and year. So the correct naming would be:

          “Moviename (year).extension”

          If you submit the title as you state it will think the ‘tt0000000’ is part of the film title and confuse the search. If you really want to store the TTID in the filename, enclose in square brackets so:

          “Movie name (year) [tt0000000].extension”

          NMJToolbox2 will strip out anything that is enclosed in brackets (except very specific details) assuming they are just reference/notes. If you want NMJToolbox2 to be forced to a specific IMDB entry then add a .nfo file named the same as the movie file in the same folder containing just the IMDB URL for the movie.

    1. Sorry I forgot to update the downloads page. If you already have NMJToolbox2 and have check for updates on then it would have updated automatically. It is there now for manual download though.

  2. Thank you for creating a GREAT product. Because I am a creature of habit, I will sometimes hit Ctrl-Z in an attempt to UNDO the last editing change, only to realize TOO LATE that this was NOT the correct course of action, — but that is not the problem. The issue is what it DOES DO instead. It begins a process to delete orphaned files, without giving me the option to back out or change my mind. While this can be a nice feature to have when needed and when used prudently, it can also be a VERY DESTRUCTIVE command in the event that I have temporarily disconnected some external drives from my Desktop tower, or have chosen to include custom title changes, or whatever, (ie: when adding or changing descriptions, or in the event there are different movies using the same title, I may add the year after the title to differentiate what is what, ONLY to have this COMMAND DELETE orphaned files and in the process undo all of my custom changes too.
    The bottom line is I CANNOT STOP or CANCEL this process when mistakenly started if I mistakenly press Ctrl-Z on the keyboard. I cannot even KILL this process by doing a CTRL-Alt-Del – End Process. The ONLY WAY to kill this process after it begins is to lean into the computer’s Power Switch for 5 seconds to KILL THE PC, which can also be very destructive too, depending on whatever else is going on at that time.
    CAN YOU PLEASE, PLEASE — Idiot-Proof — the CTRL-Z keyboard command when using NMJToolbox2 program for people such as I by either having a pop-up appear asking if I am sure that I want to delete orphaned files or not (CONTINUE or CANCEL), or, do not allow Ctrl-Z to initiate this process in the first place, or include a CANCEL option, or SOMETHING, — ANYTHING — PLEASE. Over the years, I have lost count of how many times I continue to do this stupid mistake to myself. Any help that you can incorporate into your software to protect me from myself would be greatly appreciated. And yes, I have read and understand the topics related to using proper naming conventions, but that’s another issue for another discussion. Putting reigns on the Ctrl-Z command is what I am focusing my request on at this moment. Of course, you also have other “run-away” processes that cannot be canceled after started too, but THIS one is the most annoying. -Thank you.

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