NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/4/500 Series & VTEN – 09/06/17

Added automatic fix for blank ratings at startup.

New additions should now have a 0 rating if none are available from the internet.

10 thoughts on “NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/4/500 Series & VTEN”

  1. Hello,

    first of all many thanks for this great piece of software. I have used it in connection with a PCH A-200 for a long time and it is superb.
    I now have a problem that I would like to report. Approximately since June or July 2017 I get the terrific “generic error in GDI+” when saving an image after clicking the TMDB button, selecting and saving an image. I have rad several article about this error but I am clueless about why it happens now and it used to work like a charm previously. Any idea of what could have gone wrong.
    Again thanks for this genial app!

    1. GDI+ errors are notoriously difficult to debug unfortunately. From experience it is usually (but not always) caused by permissions on the image files in the posters folder. Check that all of the image files are read/write on your nmj_database\media folder. Also check that the folders are read//write/executable. There has been occasions where the program will open an image file for display and lock it then try to update it whilst the image is locked (or the image may be locked by another program/process such as an image editing program). All of these may cause a GDI+ error.

      I have never been able to reliably reproduce this error (I never get it in normal operations) so it is difficult for me to know where to put handling code for the issue.

  2. Hello dear dedicated developer. Thanks for maintaining this useful software. I have a couple of suggestions regarding the NMJToolbox if I may.First of all the most important one:
    – Ability to select multiple entries in tree view by Control and Shift keys or mouse leftclicking by bounding box
    Every time you would scan the folders you would find yourself with a Series or two not identified properly and moved to Movies category for some reason. It will be present as multiple entries for each episode and you would have to right click each one and choose Move to new TV show and then dragNdrop each one to one Series entry. Imagine if I could just select all the entries I need, right click Group to new Series/Movie and be done with it!

    1. Hi Max, Unfortunately the Windows tree view does not allow multiple selections. So, this would not be possible. If you name your files correctly you should not have to move to movies or vice-versa nor drag and drop. I have never had to do this – but I do have all of my files named well. I recommend you amend your naming conventions for an easier life! 🙂

  3. Secondly, the “Name From File” logic seems to be lacking the crucial component:
    – Stripping the brackets () [] and the stuff between them doesn’t work. File extension also seems to be present in Search Title witch also doesn`t help in properly identifying the title. Also for only one season titles software defaults to Season 99

    [Coalgirls]_Infinite_Stratos_01_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[3D0F7CB7].mkv is not recognized but _Infinite_Stratos_ is easily picked up by scraper.

    1. Stripping from brackets does work. You have a few issues in your understanding. Parenthesis should ONLY be used for years of movies, nothing else – these are only stripped to detect the year of the title. If it does not contain a year then it is assumed to be part of the title.
      Everything in brackets [] is stripped out.

      In your example (1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC) will not be stripped as it is not a year so will be assumed to be part of the title. [Coalgirls] & [3D0F7CB7] will be stripped out. You also have a spurious _01_ in the filename. With all these inconsistencies I am not surprised you get no match. Again, a good naming convention is the solution you need.

  4. Thanks for a great tool, but after thetvdb.com has be upgraded the sync for tv shows don’t work anymore.

    1. It must be an issue at your end as it is still working fine for me and nobody else has reported this. Let me know if it is still happening and I will see if I can help out.

  5. Hi, I’m using your fantastic tool to maintain my huge database on my Popcorn Hour A-410 since a while. Now, as I’m planning to upgrade or extend my home network I would need your help in solving the following issues. At the moment, I connected 6 USB HDDs to my A-410. After long hours my database looks 99.99%, which is stored on the internal SD card. (no internal HDD). How can I modify in the database the HDD links, in case one of my HDD is full (or dieing) and I need to copy its full content to a new HDD (obviously with a new HDD serial ID). I really would like to avoid rebuilding the whole database. Is there any SQL command which would replace the HDD serial IDs, so everything should work after the HDD replacement? Also, if I would like to add another A-410 onto my home network, can I simply copy the current database to it’s SD card, and somehow replace the links in its database to now as network shared HDDs? (as from the new A410 point of view the 6 HDDs will became a SAMBA network share on the first A-410).
    Do you plan to add a command for this kind of process into the bulk commands? Thanks in advance for your help!

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