NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN – 13/3/16

Composer MediaInfo on Audio Tracks (you will have to do a mediainfo update on existing tracks to populate the database).
Changed the xml node in nfo files for movies from 3d to ThreeD
re-written DSD/DSF ID3 tag decoding (should have fixed some tag bugs as it is a total re-write).
Embedded artwork now extracted from DSD/DSF files.
Added Bitrate and runtime to DSD/DSF processing.
If album artist on DSD/DSF is blank use Track Artist

Add to entry selected in actions menu gives exception if no node selected.
Progress bar in some bulk scanning processes can potentially cause an exception.
Error in some areas when the Popcorn Hour is not set on the remote tab.
Error caused if DSD/DSF scanned and the track number contains a / e.g. 2/5
Delete an audio album the totals do not update
Adding 2 copies of the same audio album (same tracks, different album name) may cause crossover corruption of track IDs

5 thoughts on “NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN”

  1. Thanks Chris, another good update.
    Any thoughts on an interface update? What language you using, perhaps users can submit some design prototypes?

    1. You’re more than welcome! NMJToolbox2 is written entirely in Windows Forms C# .Net 2.0. I have no plans for an interface update – it would simply be a mammoth task the way it has evolved (a lot of the logic code is based on how the interface works) and all of the localisation that has been done (french,dutch, chinese etc translations). Happy for suggestions though so I can bear it in mind….. maybe for NMJ v3/NMJToolbox3 🙂

  2. Hello
    Unfortunately, my virus scanner (Norton) alerted SONAR.HEURISTIC,142 and deleted the application. And it continues to delete it if I try to re-install nmj.
    Any thoughts on that would be highly appreciated, because the application (up to worked as a charm!
    Kind regards, Daniel

    1. Hi Daniel, I don’t use Norton but when a similar thing happened last year with Avast (the virus scanner I use) I reported it to them as a false positive. Feel free to point them to NMJToolbox2 to investigate. Unfortunately until they fix it for you the only option open to you is to either:

      Exclude the NMJToolbox2 folder from your virus scanner or add an exception to the executable.
      Change your virus scanner program.

      There is nothing in the code now or ever that is a virus as long as you only download from NMJToolbox.net. I can only assume that the new DSD/DSF tag scanning code is being detected incorrectly as a possible virus.

      1. Thanks. I already took your recommended measures. 🙂
        Keep up the good work and kind regards!

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