NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN – 23/12/15

Added 3d to the exported XML in the nfo files (note this is NOT re-imported on a scan as only the movie infor is imported, 3d is part of the mediainfo scan which is always carried out on the video file).

Order of recent scanned sections to be correct

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  1. When will this be available for download? Only is in the downloads section…. unless I’m looking in the wrong place?


    1. Hi Mick, sorry about that, I forgot to change the release number on the download page. It is available now.

      In future if you already have installed NMJToolbox2, turn on auto update (settings->system->check for update at startup) and when you open the program it will automatically check and update the version even if I forget to update the downloads page ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi and thanks for these great tools!
    Is there a way to set a “watched” overlay (like the little eye icon) for use in wall and category views?

    Also, Is there a way to stretch an image to fill the entire cover space area when the image is of a different size than the usual DVD cover size, rather than keep its aspect ratio and have dark bands at top/bottom?

    If not it would be great If these options could be added in a future release ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Carlo,

      The watched feature should be part of the NMJ. It should automatically add an indicator when a title has been watched. If it is not doing this then it should be reported to Cloud Media. Adding to the overlays is not practical in NMJToolbox2 as it would first need to add a cover ‘not watched’ when you add the title then scan your database the next time you open it and add watched to all covers that the title has a play count of one or more. There would be no way of knowing (to the program) that the cover already has a watched overlay so what happens if you reset the play count to mark as unwatched? It is not really something that can be practically done using NMJToolbox2.

      As to the aspect ratio issue, look at Settings->Preferences->Keep aspect ratio on images. Untick that.

      1. Thanks,
        unticking ‘keep aspect ratio’ fixed it!

        As for the watched overlays, yes, the NMJ does add an indicator automatically, but unfortunately for some reason it wasn’t designed to show up in wall and category views – only after clicking on it – so you can’t tell at a glance. I know, as you say, it’s something for the guys at Cloud Media – like adding an ‘unwatched’ category which would really help!

        As a workaround I tried manually adding a rating overlay to the ones I’ve watched by turning overlays on in the settings, enabling rating overlays and then right-clicking on a title’s image and selecting “add rating overlay” but nothing happens..

  3. Hi, out of the blue I’m getting these error messages when trying to fetch movie/tv show images:
    “an error occurred retrieving the image from the web:
    parameter is not valid”
    followed by:
    ” a generic error occurred in gdi+”
    and images don’t get updated

    1. Never mind. I think it’s my USB HDD playing up… again (the PCH loves stuffing up USB HDDs.. this is my 3rd one..)

    1. I will change the tag to ‘threed’ for the next release. Apologies but I have no use for nfo files myself so it has not been tested as much as some areas of the program.

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