NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN

Had a tinker and a bit of an update 🙂 – 13/12/15

Set minimum size of splitter window.
Changed aspect ratio of cover displayed on the remote tab
Added Genre filter to movies to filter on specific genres.

Stopped the scanner scanning #recycle folders on Synology Diskstations
Error when exiting NMJToolbox2 and ‘Recent by time’ activated and no new entries added in any of the 3 date ranges. NOTE: to get around this and the way the NMJ uses ‘recent scanned’ ranges, if there are no records added in a date range there will be one record added which will be the one directly before the ID of the start of the next date range. eg. If 7 days is 1000-1034 and 30 days is empty, 30 days will be 999-999.