NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN – 27/9/15

Added facility to search for season images with content ID (it is automatic, no visible changes to the app).
Added specifically searching by year on movies when querying ThemovieDB even if there is no exact title match. Improves results with sequels but will cause possible search failures if you add the wrong release year to the filename.

Searching for images on TV episodes always used the series title or IMDB ID not the content ID.

4 thoughts on “NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN”

  1. Thank you for that new version. Could you please indicate if and how it would be possible to merge databases for a network share and two USB drives? the latter are neither handled as network or internal, are they?

  2. You can not merge 2 databases, you have to pick one to be the database and add the other database’s shares to it. If you have a mix of local, usb and network shares then the ‘media file location’ would be network share. The database, if on the internal drive of the PCH would be internal drive, otherwise it would be network share.

    This however has no bearing on the adding of media files – they should work fine. The dropdown combo lists only define how artwork is added. So, set to what you thing, add a movie, add some artwork and then see if the covers are displayed. If they are then your settings are fine.

  3. Thanks, OK, regarding the display of the media that shoud be fine and was understood before, but what about starting the movies from mixed sources? How can I identify what to put in the path to movie field with USB hard discs? THe path that is created automatically being created by NMJ itself is relative to the disk root, but I would need the FULL path incl. the hard disk identifier or similiar… any idea?

    1. You do not enter paths to movies, NMJToolbox2 does that for you. You enter the windows path that leads to the same location that the PCH path points to. So for a PCH local USB drive you would have to have the NMT apps installed, start the samba service and then you can map a windows share to the USB drive. Then simply add that mapped drive as the windows path.

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