NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN – 29/8/15

Changed ‘Remove Deleted Entries’ function to be case sensitive on file names as the case matters to the PCH (Linux) but not to Windows and files will not play with the wrong case stored in the database.
If PCH is stored in the remote section from a previous session, the firmware will be displayed in the title bar immediately on load rather than after accessing the remote facilities.
Tweaked firmware header to state the machine it is reporting the firmware for.
Added parameters to change the way imdb top 250 is extracted.

‘PCH’ and ‘DB’ parameters stored the wrong way around, fixed and code to handle either way they are stored (settings will be corrected after first run & exit).
IMDB top 250 stopped working due to them reformatting the web page.

2 thoughts on “NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN”


    Is it possible to add support for using nmjtoolbox even if you are not logged into Windows. I would like to schedule a task in Windows Taskmanager to scan and add media. This works but only when logged on to the machine. Would be great if that wasn’t necessary.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the kind encouragement. Unfortunately I cannot enable the application to be able to run whilst not being logged into the system. It would require the program to be linked into a COM service I believe and it would also require an installer to register the application. It was never designed as aautomated tool, it simply started as cover replacer and morphed into the monster it is today!

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