NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN – 14/6/15

NOTE: there were a number of errors in the DPI for the overlays pack and some of the ratings images were missing. The overlays pack has been updated so re-download if you use them and are receiving image formatting errors.

DPI on some images in the overlays pack which caused incorrect overlays being applied.
Tweaked path processing for people with shares on the same server beginning with another share name (eg ‘Movies’ and ‘Movies2’). Please let me know if this breaks your setup!
Enabled adding overlays on a right click when the video file is selected on the movies tab.
When exiting the overlays window and overlays are on the overlays folder is checked to ensure all of the specified overlays images used exist and warns the user if not.

Adding overlays from ‘TMDB Images’ button would add full size rating image to thumbnail rather than the thumbnail one.
Right click overlay on series/season updates the wrong image and blanks out the picture boxes.
Video scan and adding a new series places the full sized rating overlay on the cover rather than the thumbnail overlay.

9 thoughts on “NMJTOOLBOX2 (FOR NMJV2) 2/3/400 Series & VTEN”

  1. Opening the menu “last scanned” showing up three items on Popcorn Hour. “Last scanned, Previous…etc.”
    The shown results are the results of the last 3 times adding Movies to the database
    Is there a possibility to change the results to “Movies added last time”, “movies added within 14 days”,”movies added 30 days ago” or someting?
    Maybe with a simple sqlite CLI command?

    PS.. sorry for my bad english writing 😉

    1. Your English is perfect compared to my German! 🙂

      The recently added sections in the NMJ is very basic, it simply stores a start and end record ID irrespective of the date added. So NMJToolbox2 simply stores the last ID used when it is opened and sees what the last is when closed. If it is higher it adds that range to the scan list. Potentially it could be enhanced to do what you suggest but it may have unexpected results shown in the NMJ. Frankly the way CloudMedia implemented this is poor and unnecessary as they could have more effectively (and simply) executed it with an SQL select by date range.

  2. In my opinion this kind of sql statement could work:

    select substr(create_time,1,7), min(videos.id), max(videos.[ID]) from videos group by substr(create_time,1,7);

    The only thing here, i’m a noob with sql and can’t push this data into a new table with format of “Scan_system” fill our the missing columns , delete the original and rename the shortly created…

    but I can be wrong

  3. You are sort of in the right area however it wouldn’t work in reality. The NMJ only looks at the latest 3 records created and your SQL is grouping by a day so in each group you would only get the last scan in one group, the previous scan in the next group and the scan before that in the third group. – NMJToolbox2 already does this (it puts in each scan between opening and closing the application).

    None of this will give you ‘last 14 days’ ‘last 30 days’ etc like you originally asked for.

    1. Hmmm.. Okay..
      The query shows me first and last id for every month an so i thought i’m on a good way.. Not..

  4. If you want one for each month then yes, it would do what you want, you would only be able to add the last 3 (that is all the NMJ looks at).

    I could look at adding parameters into NMJToolbox2 to specify what is put into the ‘recent scanned’ sections. Watch for future updates 😉

  5. 🙂 looking forward to this…

    meanwhile I found something that works fine for me… while waiting 4 your update..

    so I got the results of last update with NMJ and the actual month an month before 🙂

    INSERT INTO copy_scan_system SELECT * FROM scan_system where id = ‘1’;
    INSERT INTO copy_temp SELECT * FROM scan_system ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1;
    insert into copy_scan_system ( TYPE, VALUE, CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 ) select ‘HISTORY_SCAN_VIDEOS’, substr(videos.create_time,1,7), min(videos.id), max(videos.ID) from videos group by substr(videos.create_time,1,7);

    insert into copy_scan_system ( TYPE, VALUE, CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 ) select TYPE, VALUE, CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 from copy_temp;
    drop table SCAN_SYSTEM;
    drop table copy_temp;
    alter table copy_scan_system rename to SCAN_SYSTEM;

    THANKS for your time.. and of course for this Tool you created for us!

  6. I absolutely love NMJToolbox! It’s made life so much easier in categorizing things. I have a few odd issues however. I have 12 different TV shows (multiple series per show) as well as tons of movies in the same database. All of my movies show up just fine when viewing on the TV screen. When I go to TV shows on Jukebox (On TV screen navigator), I only see 1 TV show, and under “recently watched” I show 2 others. I should see all 12 TV shows in addition to it showing me what I recently watched. All TV shows show up correctly in NMJToolbox however. In addition, I posted a long while back that Southpark Season 10 kept giving me errors. I had done what you suggested (Utilities/Fix TV Errors) and it fixed it, allowing me to see Season 10 in my list in NMJToolbox, but then when I go to the TV screen to the previously watched shows, select Southpark, I can see all 18 seasons except Season 10. It jumps from Season 9 to 11. Any ideas why it’s not showing up correctly?

    As an additional note, I can see all 12 TV shows if I look at the NMJ app on my ipad, however Southpark Season 10 is still missing if I choose Southpark.

  7. There is a bug in the NMJ software in the PCH, it does not mark watched on TV episodes. Cloudmedia broke this about a year ago and never fixed it.

    As to why season 10 of south park does not show I can’t really say without looking at your database. If NMJToolbox2 shows it ok without showing errors then it should show in the NMJ on the PCH. If you want to send me your database to have a look to see what the issue is you can send me (Rom) a PM on the Networked Media Tank Forums and I will let you know how to send it to me.

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