NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2)

Added a SQL dump routine for debugging when a SQL update fails (will be saved in the NMJToolbox application folder called debug.txt).
Added when adding additional episodes to a TV series, theTVDB is automatically queried.
Added a few tweaks to the date routines.
Added checks for when theTVDB is queried with an IMDB ‘tt’ ID and the series returns no results (with added help message).
Stopped showing an error message when bulk updating the IMDB ratings but the title has no rating.
Fixed SQL error where adding an ISO of a tvshow with multiple episodes and MediaInfo does not retrieve a run time.
Fixed the add movie/TV file browse dialog not showing ISO files.
Fixed adding a new TV series/episode potentially using a different TTID to query the TVDB – which gave incorrect results.
Fixed not being able to remove a genre when the NMJ creates one that starts with a leading space.
Fixed error generated in some cases when a ‘ttid’ is not completed when adding a new TV show.
Fixed the ‘Query TVDB toolbar being enabled (and causing an error when clicked) when initially opening nMJToolbox2 and on the movies tab.