NMJToolbox2 Released
Added display of ‘Play Count’ with a function (right click) to reset it to zero.
Added option on right click in treeview to mark as watched (increments play count by 1)
Added clear out temporary TVDB files before retrieving new information.
Added workaround for error generated when the same person appears twice in the same TV episode list from the TVDB (should never happen but does).
Added ‘Date first aired’ to TV Episodes.
Added facility to jump to IMDB website for TV series
Added facility to jump to TheTVDB website for TV series.
Added toolbar buttons to edit keywords and genres (for people who didn’t realise double clicking the box allowed you to edit!) 😉
Added splash screen & ‘About’ box to comply with various APPI licence agreements.
Worked around error in Syabas’ DB design for ‘Content ID’ – TVDBID, now displays correctly
Fixed display of correct IMDB ‘tt’ ID on Series & Seasons (previosly always displayed the first episode TTID).
Corrected status bar spelling error when updating TheTVDB.
Fixed path error where media and DB are on the internal PCH drive. Path to movies incorrectly had ” rather than ‘/’ in it.
Fixed TVDB updates not updating anything when there is no cast information returned.
Fixed exception when TheTVDB returns results but there is no release date (also will default to 9998-12-31.
Fixed error generated when using ‘TMDB Images’ button whilst a movie file is selected.
Fixed error where in some circumstances clicking between seasons in a TV series, NMJT thinks data has changed.

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