NMJToolbox2 Released

New Release

A lot of changes and bug fixes. Also a number of facilities added or enhanced…. – 29/01/2012
Added TheTVDB image browsing (note, TVDB thumbnails are quite large file sizes. Depending on your internet connection, this may be slow and if you have a monthly limit could use a lot of bandwidth!).
Added wait cursor when browsing images and it is downloading them.
Added trap for error messages being returned from TVDB when retrieving Cast information (prevents a GDI+ error)
Added auto resize/reduce quality of images to 90% when over 1MB in size (NMJ Limit).
Added setting ‘Do Not Process Article’ for people who do not want the article moving to the end in titles (eg “The Deep” changing to “Deep, The”) With this parameter set the example would index under ‘T’ with it NOT set the title will be indexed under ‘D’.
Added display of Season number with the facility to change it. If the season # already exists, the episodes will be moved to that (existing)season (after confirmation).
Added renaming a TV series automatically renames all Seasons.
Added facility to drag/drop whole seasons onto a different TV show.
Added utility to fix missing Series records when Seasons and Episodes exist (AJ500).
Made ‘Search Title’ field read only to stop people mistaking this for the title to be searched on TMDB/TVDB
Rewritten ‘Move Movie to new TV Show’ to handle films with multiple videos attached.
Added facility to auto detect season & eisode for the video file when moving from a movie to TV. If none found it will default to ‘Season 99’ (this can be edited further on the TV tab afterwards).
Removed ‘Move Movie to Existing TV’ as it is now redundant with the new facilities.
Fixed program not responding when ‘Open DB’ is clicked twice.
Fixed wait cursor when initially loading DB completed.
Fixed returning proper error ‘Cannot play’ when trying to play iso,VIDEO_TS and BDMV folders (you cannot play these types yet in NMJT2)
Fixed error being generated when getting no results returned from TheTVDB.
Fixed error being returned when results are retrieved from TMDB but there is no cover art.
Fixed error generated when dragging an image (or other file) over the treeview.
Fixed even more path issues
Fixed ‘Argument out of range’ exception when adding files and both DB & media are on the PCH internal drive.
Fixed ‘Null Exception’ when media and DB are on the same drive and selecting an entry where the image(s) are in the media folder and not the nmj_database folder.
Fixed error message when trying to delete the last keyword.

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