NMJToolbox2 Released – 22/1/12
Added Updating of information from TheTVDB on TV Shows (Image updates coming later)
Added Play button on right click menus for video files (plays in the registered default windows player for the file type)
Added auto save parameter on the settings menu (you will not be asked to save when moving from a changed record)
Added IMDB button to go to IMDB for that movie.
Added Display/Update/Edit Keywords for movies, series & episodes
Added Display/Update/Edit Genres for movies, series & episodes
Added auto vacuum when closing NMJToolbox.
Added *.iso to video file filter and secondry All Files(*.*) option
Added function in the ‘Orphans’ utility to create missing POSTERS records (reported by lackb)
Added function in the ‘Orphans’ utility to Delete orphaned Series SHOWS (reported by lackb)
Added function in the ‘Orphans’ utility to delete orphaned Season SHOWS (reported by lackb)
Auto resize movie panel to fill max space
Made MAJOR changes to path processing (found an error) so check paths when adding videos/images or displaying images when clicking around. Also check the files play in NMJ
Improved speed of SQL on adding Cast and placed in a transaction along with keywords and genres
Fixed adding duplicate cast entries (not a problem, just wasting space)
Fixed moving a video file from a multi part movie not creating a POSTERS record.
Fixed adding a movie creates a null SUBTITLES record.
Fixed automatically selecting the correct entry when adding a movie/TV show.

I have added more ‘fix’ routines to the Orphans button on the utilities tab. Please use this once you have upgraded to make sure any latest issues known are fixed.

The major addition is querying TheTVDB. You can access this from the right click menu or the toolbar. Depending on the tree node (series,season,episode) selected denotes what to update. eg, updating from a series node will update all details on the series, every season and every episode in those seasons. Querying TheTVDB from a single episode will just update that episode.

Note, when updating from TheTVDB all previous information is removed and a complete new set is created from TheTVDB data.

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