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NMJToolbox2 – A Windows Editor for NMJv2 – -Update 15/01/2012
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Please note: there was an error in previous versions when using the ‘Delete’ option for movies & TV shows. In some cases it did not remove some of the anciliary records (some posters, synopsis, index records etc). This does not affect the normal running of the NMJ but does affect the database when adding new TV series. There is a new tab (Utilities) with a button on it. Please uses this button on your database as soon as you upgrade to the new version of NMJToolbox. It will fix these errors that previous versions may have caused.

This button/function can be used anytime and it will also tell you if no errors are found.

The main major function added is adding TV series/seasons/episodes. All accessible from either the toolbar button (new series) or right click on the Series or Season entry in the treeview (add episodes).

If your media files are appropriately named SXXEXX.ext then NMJToolbox2 will detect the season and episodes automatically. The ‘S’ and ‘E’ can be upper or lower case. NMJT2 will also handle multiple episodes in one media file eg:

House S01E01E02 Episode Name.mkv

This would create 2 episodes (1 & 2) in Season 1 of ‘House’. The first episode would have the name set to ‘Episode Name’ and subsequent episodes will be called ‘Episode 2’ etc.

You may select multiple media files at once (in the open file dialog) BUT they will all be assumed to be in the same season as the first file processed. The other ‘restriction’ is that you can only add files for ONE season at a time.

If NMJT2 cannot detect a season or episode number, you will be prompted to enter these before the file is added to the database.

If at all unsure, as always I advise you to keep a copy of your original media.db whilst using the new features.

If no major issues arise with this release then I will start looking at adding TheTVDB updates for TV shows. – 15/1/2012
Added facility to add TV episodes to the DB
Added facility to add new TV shows to DB
Added TMDB image resolution it would download when using TMDB browser.
Added the Year to the movie list when using TMDB and multiple movies are listed (helps select the correct one – requested)
Added filter in Open Files dialog to only show video files when adding new videos
Added an integrity check on the utilities tab to remove orphaned records.
Changed the multiple movie select dropdown to read only.
When adding a movie the refresh of the treeview now automatically selects & expands the new entry.
Stopped unnecessary DB backups being made
Spelling correction.
Fixed path error caused by having illegal characters in the movie title.
Fixed video paths incorrectly having ‘//’ in them in some setups
Fixed GDI error when dragging a root entry of the treeview (TV series or main movie entry)
Fixed error when deleting series or seasons, not all records are removed from VIDEO_POSTERS
Fixed error when clicking Save and no treeview node is selected.
Fixed Deleting a season not removing the correct index record.
Fixed error generated when updating TV episode number.

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