NMJToolbox2 Released
Fixed error using the TMDB Images window when no current artwork exists and you move off then back onto the ’empty’ image.
Increased the resolution of the artwork when using TMDB Images option.
Changed wallpaper/fanart to 1080P resolution
Fixed error when media & DB are on the same share and selecting an entry where the artwork is in the media folder.
Added fix to not allow a drag/drop in the tree onto it’s own parent (drop a movie onto itself or episode onto its own season)
Added facility to drag/drop TV episodes between series/seasons.
Added auto scroll & expand to treeview’s selected items when dragging/dropping.
Corrected errors in image paths in some circumstances when adding via TMDB button.
Corrected error which omitted some images from the TMDB selection.
Fixed resizing of the controls in the error list screen.
Fixed tooltip path when updating images via TMDB.
Fixed not being able to select the first (No 2) image from TMDB when the title has no images already.
Added Dutch (nl-NL) to theMovieDB language selection.

*Note: Improving the quality of the images downloaded & wallpapers to 1080P will slow down the update (a lot large file download). Depending on your internet connection will depend on how much you notice this.

2 thoughts on “NMJToolbox2 Released”

  1. Thank you so much for pursuing with this development – appreciate it’s been difficult for you to test…

    A lot of these features that you’ve added will be a huge benefit for the collection since the first scan didn’t go too well. Will be sure to update on progress and application performance…

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comments. I will be releasing a new version this weekend which will allow you to add new TV Series/Season/Episodes. It may not have TheTVDB built in though, it just depends on how quickly development goes!

      It does make it harder testing when I don’t have a 300 series PCH/NMJ2 but the support of the users has been very good and a great help with fixing issues. Thanks to all that use my software and here’s to Syabas adding NMJv2 to the 200 series!

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