NMJToolbox2 Released

New version released. There are quite a few bug fixes, a number of new facilities and some MAJOR changes to path processing to try and accommodate different people’s setups (ie media & DB on different drives, on same share or both on internal drive).

For this reason the following is IMPORTANT:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST set the paths/options in the settings window before adding images or new media files. A lot of changes have been made that rely on these settings.

If you have a path displayed in the PCH_PATH column, set the WINDOWS_PATH column to a value that would take you to the exact same folder that the PCH sees. If there is no PATH shown you can leave it blank.

Set the DB & Media options to the relevant setting of where your DB & Media are stored.

I have added the option to add BDMV or VIDEO_TS folder structures. As in the original NMJToolbox, for a VIDEO_TS you should select the .IFO file that relates to the movie VOB files. With BDMV you can select either the .m2ts file in the STREAM folder or the .mpls file in the PLAYLIST folder (recommended for seamless branched discs but slower for mediainfo to process.

Changes in this release:
Added transactional processing to SQL and added a great deal of optimization (due to the new delete function potentially having to complete 100’s of SQL record updates)
Added Delete function for movies and movie video file entries.
Added delete function for TV series, seasons & episodes.
Tried to correct split (different) series when the series names are identical (untested as I have no examples)
Added a bit more accuracy on ‘busy’ mouse pointer in some scenarios and more messages in the status bar.
Fixed error generated when selecting the ‘Edit Cast’ options whilst no tree view entry is highlighted.
Added error trapping when requesting TMDB images without the IMDB ‘ttid’ completed.
Added tooltip to display the full path of a TV show.
Added Move to New Movie right click option to allow splitting of a movie entry.
Added facility to move a movie media file to a different movie entry via drag & drop.
Added Episode number for display/update on the Episode Details screen
Error message added to catch when PATH settings have not been set.
Added 2 parameters in PATH settings to specify where the DB and media are stored.
Improved image display to handle images stored in both the media and nmj_database locations.
Changed Image drag/drop to handle DBs that are held on drives other than the video media share (DB on internal PCH drive)
Added support for adding BDMV folder structures for movies
Added support for adding VIDEO_TS folder structures for movies
Added support for adding extra video files to a movie that already exists

Known minor issue: ‘Busy’ cursor stays busy until mouse is moved – a wierd one which I can’t seem to fix but causes no problems.

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  1. Please note, a few bugs have been reported with this release affecting PATHS (to get around this set your paths then exit the program and re-open it).

    There are a couple of other bugs when moving/adding movies in certain circumstances.

    I will be releasing a bugfix version later tonight (

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