NMJToolbox2 Released

Added path Settings screen
Fixed error genrated when starting to edit a title and then finish editing without actually changing it.
Added F2 key to enable the editing of a title in the treeview
Prevented error when double clicking ‘Open Database’ when first running NMJToolbox2
Added open last DB used message/function.
Improved ‘busy’ cursor display.
Added facility to add (single file) movies ( automatically queries The Movie DB and gets details using MediaInfo).
Modified ‘Remove article’ so that rather than completely removing it, it is added to the end. EG ‘Das Boot’ Would become ‘Boot, Das’
Corrected a number of windows positions when loading.

NOTE: To use the ‘Add Movie’ facility you must have the paths set up correctly in menu->path settings.
For each path listed you should enter in the WINDOWS_PATH column the windows path that will take you to the same place that the PCH would
end up in from its path. Remember to add the final ” as well.

Adding a movie is completely new and as I do not have a PCH that uses NMJv2 I cannot test it. PLEASE make a backup of your database
before adding a new movie and report back if you find problems with the function or if the new entry that you have added does not play.
If it does not play send me the setting you have in the PATS screen and where your media.db and file added is stored.

Unlike NMJToolbox (1) this version should work with UNC paths as well as windows mapped drives. It should also add movies correctly if you have
your media.db on a different share/drive to your media.

It currently does NOT support folder rips (BDMV & VIDEO_TS), I will add these in a future version as long as this current
function works properly so your feedback is appreciated.