NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A/C2x0, A/C300 & A4X0 – 29/3/14

Ignore trailers function modified to look for ‘[TRAILER*’
Delete orphans checks playlists and playlist items
Added facility to add .pls playlist files.
Added progress window to adding playlist.

Exception in rare circumstances when selecting the playlists tab.
Adding file based playlists were not processed correctly.
Selecting an item, changing tabs then going back to the original tab does not always clear previously selected images.

NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A/C2x0, A/C300 & A4X0 #NMJToolbox – 14/3/14

Increased the size of the runtime boxes when in French mode (requires updated French language dll).
Some minor changes to screen wording.
Export image & nfo on right click menu will not now overwrite any existing images (they will have to be removed first before export).
Speed improved adding films.
Added facility to double click an entry on the IMDB Top 250 window to go to the IMDB webpage.
Changed strictness of 720P overlay to be between 1200 & 1280 width rather than having to be exactly 1280.
Added song release date to add tracks to playlist screen

Scanning in a completely new TV show does not add it to the index.
Remove deleted file entries causes error when there is a photo to be removed but the photo tab is not selected.
Adding a ‘movie’ that does not exist on the moviedb but has local art and the artwork is not automatically added.

NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A2x0/C200, A300, C300 & A400 #NMJToolbox – 13/2/14

Removed restriction whereby adding multiple episode tv show (by right clicking on the series or season) in BD folders gives message that multiple episodes can’t be added.
Added option to ignore [TRAILER] tagged files in a scan
Added right click options for episodes on TVDB to be set in DVD Order (rather than aired)
IMDB top 250 ratings screen added with colour coding to indicate whether they are in the database or not.
Tweaked message window to increase performance.
Added facility to add your own ‘articles’ to be moved on titles.
Added right click menu options on TV series and season to export NFO files.
Added exporting image to the movie ‘Export NFO’ right click menu.

Null reference exception when clicking TMDB Update and no movie is selected in the tree.

NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A2x0/C200, A300, C300 & A400 #NMJToolbox – 12/1/14

Added searching from top of tree when end is reached.
Updated copyright

Moving parts of a multiple movie up or down and the file path has an apostrophe causes an SQL error.
Bulk Add Missing Audio Images did not always scan the tags for images. It does now and scans in track number order and will add the first it gets an image from.
Adding photos to an album where the path or filename has apostrophes in it causes an SQL error.
Further tweaks to moving video files up/down in a multiple file movie.

NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A2x0/C200, A300, C300 & A400 – 30/11/13

Allow reset of play count on Series and Season level for TV shows
Updated French translations (Thanks to Hegyre)

Spelling error on a dialog box.
Error generated if DVD folder structures have a folder called VIDEO_TS that is NOT in uppercase.
Sometimes the saame DVD folder structures can be added twice in a single scan (depends on the DVD content).

NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A2x0/C200, A300, C300 & A400 – 17/11/13


Changing order of the parts in multiple file movies in some circumstances gets the order wrong when exiting and re-entering NMJToolbox2.
Moving a movie to new TV series in some cases creates the episode name as the full file path rather than just a name.
Changing the series TTID then moving away and back does not save the changed ID (Display issue)
Fixed unnecessarily downloading images twice in some circumstances.
In some circumstances the rating overlay is out by 1 (half a star)

NMJToolbox2 Released (For NMJv2) A2x0/C200, A300, C300 & A400 – 10/11/13

Notes on Virtual Clone Drive: If installed, NMJToolbox2 will automatically mount ISOs to the FIRST drive in the list assigned to Virtual Clone Drive. It will un-mount anything already mounted on that drive. So if you are using it for other things, try to use another drive letter other than the first one. Of course, if a branched BD ISO is mounted mediainfo can take a VERY long time to scan the disc – NMJToolbox2 has NOT hung, it is waiting for mediainfo to finish!

Stopped some unnecessary mediainfo queries when using the ‘TMDB/TVDB Images’ button.
Added support for mounting ISOs for mediainfo (you need to have Virtual Clone Drive installed – http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html)

Bulk overlays not applying TrueHD overlay when reported as ‘TrueHD / AC3′
After Mass Overlay adding, the selected nodes images are not updated on the display.
Hitting Delete to remove an entry from the treeview whilst it is still populating causes an exception.
When adding a movie with the scanner and the rating has a decimal point and ratings overlays is on, no rating overlay added.
Exception with mediainfo update on run times in some cases.
Mediainfo update on a video file when the movie has the wrong time does not update the database.
Stopped querying unnecessarily with mediainfo when selecting images for an existing entry and audio overlays are not turned on.
Ratings overlays rounds the rating incorrectly in some cases when using the Select Images button.
Querying the MovieDB and cancelling the select then re-querying may cause an exception.