NMJTOOLBOX2 RELEASED (FOR NMJV2) A/C2X0, A/C300 & A4X0 – 23/1/15

Tweaked display of progress window when scanning in TV episodes.
Added new (extra) episode naming format for multiple episodes. You can now add an episode range split with a hyphen and NMJToolbox2 will add episodes for all numbers between (inclusive) eg:
The Big Bang Theory S02E03-E07.mkv would add episodes 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 to the NMJ.

NOTE: The episode range feature is recognised by NMJToolbox2 only, the NMJ scanner does not support this naming.

Errors in storing photo recently scanned data

Avast! antivirus now reporting false positives

It has come to my attention that if you are using Avast! antivirus you may get your NMJToolbox2.exe quarantined. This is a false positive and to add insult to injury it seems to have an issue of not allowing you to exclude it from it’s list (so every time you try to open NMJToolbox2 it gets quarantined again). If you manually scan the program it reports ‘NO THREAT FOUND’, there is nothing malicious in the program.

I advise all people who have this program to report this as a false positive to Avast! (it must have been today’s update [150118-1] to its definitions) or alternatively, change your AV program (which I am seriously considering).

It is a shame as I have used Avast! for many years but now they have obviously broken it and is not reliable at the moment.

Additional note: Avast! was even quarantining my build in debug copy basically stopping my development. It also stopped auto update and made some of my folders read only!

EDIT: I have uninstalled Avast! and installed BitDefender.


Problems solved and I’m back to normal :)

NMJTOOLBOX2 RELEASED (FOR NMJV2) A/C2X0, A/C300 & A4X0 – 22/11/14


Exception when moving a movie to TV and it is a folder rip without a ‘.’ in the name.
Various processing tweaks.
When a file that has been manually added with no year in the filename the year says ‘unknown’ in the prompts and does not let you continue unless the year is cleared or corrected.


A few little tweaks & fixes for you for Halloween! :) – 31/10/14

Added TMDB field to the Add movie Details screen when adding a new movie manually
Added validation of IMDB ID & TMDB ID to be in the correct format when querying TMDB.
Added validation to ‘missing TV episodes’ report to ignore any future episodes on the TVDB.
Added Bulk Actions facility to update all TV series info from TVDB (NOTE: this will change any ‘DVD Order’ Series to Aired Order. You will have to manually re-query for each DVD Order series.)
Added if Track Artist in a tag is blank, use the Composer
Added if Album Artist is blank, use the track artist.
‘Report on missing episodes’. Ignore if originally aired date is blank
‘Report on missing episodes’ made the series title normal rather than having html codes (eg &)
‘Report on missing episodes’ Stop extra spaces in the report where no missing episodes detected for a series

In some circumstances an exception can be generated by clicking the ‘Add New Playlist’ button.

The Original Windows Editor for the Popcorn Hour NMJ!